Man on fancy holiday spots SEGA-related item. Man supplies non-blurry 3400 x 2257 photograph taken on a proper camera, in which you can see that Sony’s slogan for PS2 in Malaysia is “EVERYTHING BEGIN HERE”.

The EXIF data shows the image was taken with Canon EOS 400D and was subsequently modified in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Over to “prosumer” Harry for an on-the-spot report.

“While on a roadtrip around Malaysia a month or two ago, I ended up driving through a town called Segamat. I appreciate that alone isn’t worth a post on UKR (or is it?). Anyway, as luck would have it, it also contained a shop advertising the Saturn. Sadly I couldn’t stop to go explore inside and see how many Saturns they had sold that week :( That’s it really. Sorry. S’gotta be marginally more exciting than yet another Dreamcast-Found-On-Bathmat picture though?” – Harry.