Don’t be fooled by the pretty colours. There’ll be something bitter and disappointing behind each window, getting more bitter and more disappointing the further you progress, if recent Sonic game history is anything to go on.

Incredibly, two separate “Adam” readers sent in a photo of their Sonic advent calendars within 24 hours of each other. Maybe our next t-shirt design ought to just say “ADAM” on it?

Adam Sonic advent calendar submission special

“A freebie given to me by a local game shop. Whether or not the chocolates are edible is another question. Feel free to post this photo up. And have a great Xmas this year :)” – Adam.

MALE/MALE bondage, probably

“Instant update material. Two-updates-in-one-day justification. This mint condition SONIC CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR came in a protected cardboard box with review copies of Sonic Unleashed today. I won’t be opening any of the doors but instead keeping it sealed away safely forever and making sure no fingerprints spoil it” – Adam Doree.

Adam 1 showed superb use of a material that resembles the Master System game box background grid to add atmosphere to the shot. Although Adam 2’s image was supplied at a much higher resolution, he could’ve angled the calendar better to reduce flash reflection – and we can’t help but wonder what category of pornography he’s downloading via BitComet, which detracts from the calendar. RESULT: Adam 1 wins.