Sony’s ridiculous GO!VIEW money-costing, TV-downloading service, which we’d be AMAZED if more than 20 people have heard of and signed up for, is luring teenage gamers to the service by… letting them download content from The History Channel.

So if you’re an urban youth who likes to watch documentaries about cathedrals between Need For Speed sessions, this is for you.

'...then, in 1874, the slates were replaced by locally-sourced...'

Although, to be fair, documentaries about cathedrals are more exciting than the PSP software catalogue.


GO!VIEW and The History Channel to give PSP(tm) users a piece of the past

From ancient civilisations to the world’s greatest air battles, GO!VIEW now brings PSP(tm) users some of the most interesting stories in history with programming from The History Channel. With hours of content available including popular series such as Ax Men, Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire and Dogfights, as well as a range of one hour documentaries, PSP(tm) owners can now take a little bit of history with them wherever they go.

Content from The History Channel is offered as part of the Entertainment subscription pack, available on GO!VIEW for just £5 per month. Continuing GO!VIEW’s commitment to provide great content for its customers, this latest partnership allows PSP(tm) owners to transfer highlights from The History Channel to watch on-the-go and on-demand. What’s more, PSP(tm) users can currently trial GO!VIEW free for thirty days.

Richard Melman, Acting Managing Director of The History Channel says; “We are absolutely delighted to expand and capitalise on the success of The History Channel via this exciting new platform. Now I’ve got an even better excuse to buy a PSP(tm)!”

In addition to the Entertainment Pack, PSP(tm) users can also subscribe to the Sports and Comedy Packs available on GO!VIEW by monthly subscription, whilst selected ‘Movies to Rent’ and ‘Latest TV to Rent’ can be transferred via the rental service. Subscription packs are priced at £5 (€7) for 1 pack, £8 (€11) for 2 packs and £10 (€14) for all three packs. Rental TV is available from £1.50 (€2.00) per episode and a range of movies is available from £2.50 (€3.20) each.
Go!VIEW is a joint venture between Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BSkyB who have established the joint venture ‘GO!VIEW Entertainment UK’. This is being used to bring the PSP video-on-demand to market in the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands & the Isle of Man. Sky is providing their expertise in building successful video-on-demand platforms as well as content acquisition. Sony Computer Entertainment is providing the marketing for the service.