100% solid gold news! PlayStation “brand” associated with sick child kidnapper in poorly-written national news report! We will remember today as one of the greatest days. PlayStation is, literally, for doers of evil.

Evil Shannon mum Karen Matthews gets Playstation as a reward

Ian Brady - Wii fanatic

Just when you think everyone in the country hates you enough, you get outed in the national press as a PlayStation3 fan. It’s enough to make you pity the disgusting, low-grade, nylon-clad hag.

Gary Glitter - Takes a Dreamcast everywhere in a specially-built flight case

“I love the way they explain all about the PS3 at the end though, the actual paper itself had a nice shiny picture too. It seems she’s taken Ken Kutaragi’s advice to get another job to be able to get a PS3 a little too literally” – Chris.