It’s official – we’re dumping Sonic. It was an abusive relationship we stayed in for way too long. Now that HOG must be kicked to the KERB for all our sakes, lest we forever be stained by his present-day CRIMES.

So please, send in your ideas for new UKR logos. Preference will be given to ones that fit the existing gap, are less than 20k and look like the sort of proper logo you might see on a proper web site done by proper people for proper people to read.

Here’s a few we’ve got in so far. There’s no closing date.

You can be serious. It doesn’t have to be Blaze Fielding sucking Ryo Hazuki’s cock, although that would probably get linked to by Kotaku so if you have the art skills and time…

You probably won’t be able to beat this, mind.

The SEGA font’s a bit hackneyed, to be honest.

You can email them to, or put them in the comments or whatever. How you submit them isn’t part of the competition. Just don’t turn up at the house with them drawn over the welcome page of an old copy of SEGA Saturn Magazine.

We’d also accept £17k off Sony’s marketing division to make it Sackboy for two months or 500k page impressions. The money would be spent on registering the domain name and buying web space for the next ONE THOUSAND YEARS.

Or this, with Jacques walking past and the sign saying something about suicide rates?