Like the abandoned homes in the nuclear death zone surrounding Chernobyl, Sonic merchandise reveals a snapshot of a long-forgotten and more innocent age. Did people in the early 1990s really buy one brand of pencils over another brand of pencils thanks to the promise of maybe winning a Mega CD?

Win all of SEGA?

“Sega/Crayola contest with Sonic coloured pencil! Sincerely” – Thu Nguyen.

Odds of winning lesser than the odds of Sonic Team ever making a good game again

Thank Thu very much.

'Dude, what's with the gay pencils?'

As part of the UKR screening process that ever submitter must go through, we Googled “Thu Nguyen” – and found that some Thu Nguyens are boys, and some are girls. We’ll imagine this one’s a girl, even though the odds of that are significantly greater than the odds of winning that second-generation Mega CD.