Around two years ago… actually, we’ll let Will tell you. It’s his story and his photos, so he deserves the glory. It seems to be where SEGA got the Arabian vibe from for that average-at-best Wii game.

“Around two years ago I stopped you by the coffee machine and told you about a SEGA restaurant, and you demanded photographic proof. As such I took a photo from the top-deck of the number 2, maybe 82, bus that went past it – one captures it in all its glory, the other one is a bit fuzzy as the bus started moving.

“In any case, two years on, it remains evidence of high class cookery under the SEGA brand. I for one hope there are Sonic shaped potato wedges. Or at least that there WERE as I went past the other day and it was called something else. So there you go, two years ago there was a restaurant on Baker Street called SEGA” – Will.