A reader, who has presumably come of age and decided it’s time to start wearing proper clothes from the adult section, has decided he doesn’t want his Sonic hat any more.

So you can have it.

“Found this while rifling through some old stuff. Just look at the attention to detail. It’s even got a Sonic-branded label inside! They don’t make ’em like they used to, etc etc. And here’s the best bit… you can have it! Keep it, wear it or give it to away to a reader in some UK:R mega competition… the choice is yours.”

“Seriously, it’s only going to charity if you say no. If you do want it, give me a shout soon as I’m leaving the country after Xmas! (don’t print my name please!)” – MR X.

The first person to email UKR saying they want it can have it. Or, at least, we’ll forward your email address to MR X and ask him to post it to you, if he can be bothered. Then you might get it in the post. It’s like a Christmas present.