All you have to do is make your newsagent think you’re a Nazi who believes anyone who likes curry ought to be sent to France by buying a copy of the Daily Mail. This is also an entry in the series titled “National press getting things slightly wrong.”

“Quite how it happened I’m not sure. But if anything’s going to sell a Daily Mail it’s going to be the bit that says “You can WIN a Sega Megadrive! It’s a shame that they put PS3 at the top of the list, though. So I like to think that the list is actually a countdown, with the most popular consoles coming towards the bottom of the list. If you imagine Bruno Brooks reading the list, it makes a lot more sense.”

“In case you’re all about to rush out and pick up a Mail (it’s an ongoing compo, and although I haven’t checked, it’s probably on today’s too.) be aware that it’s not REALLY a Megadrive. It’s one of those pansy-assed Blaze Plug’n’Play doohickeys. Still, you can get one free from them, if you collect all 90 tokens! Sorry I sent this two days late, but I forgot the picture was in my phone” – Jayenkai.