Here’s a great measure of how lost and confused Sony and its collaborating “retail partners” are regarding PS3 – a novel way of charging *more* for everyone’s least-favourite toss-box by making it gold. Yes, that’s it. People aren’t buying PS3 because it doesn’t come in gold.

See the incredible 329 euro ($12,979, US readers) BEAN BAG. Also see how Finland is just getting into the whole “bling” thing eight years after the rest of the world.

Decent catalogue of software - priceless

“Days after announcing record losses and in the middle of a global economic meltdown, Sony offer this fine example of just how out of touch they are – see attached – a scan of a special offer currently running at a local electronics chain. I don’t speak much Finnish so I can’t tell you what all the text says, but hey, the story pretty much writes itself. Or more accurately, you’ll write the story. By the way, I can tell you that the PS3 isn’t really gold. It’s just stickers on top of a normal black PS3” – James.