An Australian shop is giving away the SEGA Ultimate Collection LP when you buy the game, should you want to buy the game from an alternate PAL region and get it for free.

You have to live in Australia though. This update is useless.

'Dad, have you still got that record player?'

“Hey, readers may note that the limited edition bit of plastic is only $59 here in Aus. Which probably equates to 13 pence at the moment with the exchange rate” – John.

This one’s for the 10 Australian readers we’ve had as of 10.09am today.

“Also can you refrain from using the word ‘journalist’ in association with games. Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, fear and loathing on the campaign trail was journalism – writing a fucking review of a slightly tweaked version of FIFA year-on-year in your shared shit-hole apartment full of retro games and Simpsons figures whilst wanking yourself into oblivion over episodes of Heroes is not ‘journalism’. Sticking feathers up your arse does not make you a chicken.”