Here, after an EPIC and PAINFUL search for a way to embed audio clips onto the internet, and then a subsequent battle to make it BLOODY WORK, is the 1990s gem ‘Supersonic’ by Hedgehogs With Attitude. You may well think games are popular now, but we don’t recall Call of Duty 4 having a fucking SONG in the charts or being on Top of the Pops.

This is the 12″ mix. If “the floor” responds to this we’ll “drop” (upload) the 7″ and the instrumental. The video is not on YouTube. We remember a woman in a catsuit running down the Sonic 2 bonus level, but that may have been a fevered hallucination brought on by the excitement of it all at the time.

“I was clearing out my under-stairs cupboard last Sunday, (with a view to attaching some arris rail to stop the treads from creaking) and whilst doing so I came across this CD single from the early ’90s. It’s by a band called “Hedgehogs With Attitude” and although the track is mostly complete and utter bobbins, they have thankfully kept the melody from Green Hill Zone in the chorus” – Hampton.

OR JUST STEAL IT: If you want to just steal it, like in the good old days, the file’s here. We are not particularly concerned about being made to take this down. We doubt any record company would want to publicly claim ownership of this material.

“Hampton” also said he remembered seeing HWA on Top of the Pops.