We are not stopping with the spiral updates. We are, however, taking your comments on board. Rather than individual spiral updates, we shall try to only do one MEGA-COMBI spiral update per month. This is fair. This is a compromise. This means everyone is happy and no one has to call anyone else a cunt in the comments.

This was sent in by “Will”. It’s from Zelda. It means something like Dreamcast 2 is coming and SEGA’s going to buy Nintendo with all the money it’s made from doing Sonic & Mario.

This is from one of our 2.7 million readers called “Chris”. It’s of a Dreamcast logo on a man’s URBAN VEST JUMPER COAT HYBRID, as featured on a web site for Sony’s ultra-poor Rolly MP3-playing robot twat. It means that SEGA is buying Sony with all the money it’s made from doing Sonic & Mario and basing Dreamcast 2 around the Cell architecture.

This is from “Joe”. It’s of a lamp. This means SEGA will be exclusively marketing and releasing Dreamcast 2 through IKEA.

This is from “Sam”. It’s something he saw in Costa Coffee. This means Sam has yet to be impacted upon by the credit crunch and still thinks spending £2.55 on a cup of coffee and a further £3.75 on a toasted ciabatta is an acceptable way to behave.

This is from “Waqas”. It’s of some bins. Waqas needs to get a new phone with a better camera VERY URGENTLY.

This is from “Tim”. He spotted it during Doctor Who. The golden era of when Billie Piper was in it.

Tim wisely supplied a close-up of Billie’s face. If you want a nice, hi-res promotional photo of Billie Piper, there’s one here – we obtained it under slightly false pretences by pretending it was for illustrating proper news.