Another abysmal marketing lie is being perpetrated by Sony to make people think PSP has some sort of “community” surrounding it.

PSP is for lonely men to watch films on on the train home. That’s all.

He ACTUALLY SAYS “This is my den. I love my BMX. I love my skateboard”. It is terrible. Very terrible. As terrible as, say, a green and blue background with a yellow and red logo on top.

FROM THIS MAN: “While spending another lunchtime at my desk watching the Guardian’s pick of sporting Youtube clips, I noticed Sony’s latest attempt to really scrape at their favourite demographic, the bottom of the barrel. It’s a piece of rare marketing nouse, yet another attempt to assimilate an uncaring public into a community/ghetto.”

“Following from one annus horribilis into what will surely be another annus left more bloody and horrid than the last, it seems fitting Sony are choosing to use banner ads recalling the horror of Goatse. And more fittingly, the world inhabited by the average PSP user will no doubt be as shitty, cum-crumb-flecked and gapingly revolting, as Mr Goatse’s prolapsed cock-maw” – Cameron M.

“PS: I used PrintScrn, MS Paint, and the ‘Save as’ function to capture this. Even that was a bit of a struggle.”