Such a shame. We had a REALLY big and comprehensive update featuring Dreamcast logo-like spirals planned for today. It will have to wait until tomorrow. Alison Carroll waits for NO MAN (unless she’s made a prior booking to receive at her flat for £250 an hour).

This one’s best. We usually like to save the best one for last, but thought we’d BUST convention and just go for it. You only live once. Fuck it. FUCK IT! Let’s put the best picture up FIRST!

Not that any of them are what you’d call shabby.

Sent in by “Rory” who says he got them off a site called WENN.

We think you’re supposed to pay for photos from WENN, which adds a thrilling element of theft to these already-quite-thrilling photos.

If WENN gets in touch and asks us to take them down we’ll ignore the email. We’re not losing these.

We still saved a pretty good one for last.