We’re allowed to reproduce these images for free. So we might as well. The only cost involved in putting these on the internet is the cost of our time.

Looking at the ad-revenue figures for January, our time is worth 0.02p per hour.

The ladies are having promotional fun because of We Cheer, a game for Wii. Wii is the hot new games machine that everyone is buying and playing for about 35 minutes before packing it away until next Christmas.

Finally, Wii developers have stopped targeting women and children and started targeting pathetic lonely men unable to effectively communicate with real women.

There were six photographs. Sadly, photograph #5 was just of a Wii and the game box, so we have not reproduced it.

They sent out photo #4 as a montage. They can’t have got much usable material from the event.

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This is where photo #5 would’ve gone, had it not been of the box and a Wii. Such a waste. It could’ve been an additional close-up of the brown-haired one’s thighs :(

Congratulations, 505 Games. If this was your aim, it worked. And thanks. Thanks for this, and thanks for releasing Raiden III in PAL territories. We should’ve thanked you for releasing Raiden III in PAL territories at the time, it was very kind of you to make such an effort to please so few people. Here’s a press release in which you can read the thoughts of some cheerleaders.



Milton Keynes, 6th February – 505 Games has called in the pros to run an expert eye over the upcoming Namco Bandai cheerleading title, We Cheer available exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Three of the Sheffield Storm All-star Team’s finest launched promotional activity for the game last week by wowing press at Nintendo’s Wii Flat in anticipation of the 6th February release date. The Storm girls took a break from their recent recruitment drive to take some time getting familiar with the game as well as showing off the title, and their skills, to members of the press and retail.

“We’re more than happy to be involved with a game which will hopefully give more publicity to our sport, which is always growing in popularity in this country,” commented Coral Head, Storm All-stars founder. “I’m a bit of a gamer myself but this was the first time I’d played a Wii. Now I have no excuses!”

We Cheer allows all future all-star recruits to brush up on their techniques using two Wii remotes as virtual pom-poms to reach the top of their game. Following on-screen commands, players spin, shimmy and shake their way through a choice of 30 high-energy songs spanning over four decades of music. Taking cheering to the next level, the special Workout Mode helps to burn calories as you cheer and dance. Fitness buffs can choose the exercise program they want to take part in before hitting the gym with a specially chosen trainer who encourages them throughout the workout.

“I personally like the fact that the developers have taken the time to choreograph real cheerleader moves,” added Coral. “It’s a cool way for kids to get a bit of a work out too. We certainly had to throw ourselves about a bit on the harder songs, the lads here didn’t seem to mind too much though.”