A man, who has rightly realised that we’ll upload literally ANYTHING we get sent these days, sent this photo. So we’re uploading it. That is how sadly and disappointingly we “roll” these days.

We’re not sure if it’s meant to be funny or ironic. We are entirely unsure as to the submitter’s “angle”. But here it is anyway.

“The Girlfriend got this in a DVD case for some film she recently bought off off Play. She didn’t throw it out because she thought I would find it funny, or tragic, or something. Which is why I’m with her, really. She has an understanding of Playstation Hate.

“If anyone else sends you this, then I might be able to get a few extra points as the fingers there are hers. Yes. A real woman. Who’s a final year medical student and as such has put those fingers inside people. The photo isn’t high-res enough to zoom in on the individual skin cells, but it’s probably enough for the average UK:R fan to crack a few off to” – The Castrator.