What makes this jacket so unusual?

“…what makes this jacket so unusual is the HUGE 15 inch wide by 12 inch tall EMBROIDERED Systems patch featuring Mario the Plumber and Sonic the Hedgehog.

It’s nice that he called Mario “Mario the Plumber”. It implies that Nintendo copied SEGA and that Mario isn’t famous enough to just be called Mario. This is what we should all tell our children, if any of us are ever lucky enough to be allowed to have sex and the recipient of the sex is willing to follow through with it.

The correct spelling of “centre” suggests this could have originated in PAL territories, although the use of “Genesis” suggests otherwise. Which country called the Mega Drive the Genesis but also spells centre centre? Or is it just a manufacturing error? We’re on a knife-edge!

We would very much like to hear from any former employees of the Hi-Tech Game Centre. Hopefully it was based in a medium-sized Northern shopping centre and the sign and shuttered-closed shop front are still visible.