Reader, t-shirt owner, news-supplier and all-round solid chap “Chris” realised – to his JOY – that his spectacles have the Dreamcast logo etched onto the bit that goes behind your ears. The ear clasp. The ear holder. The ear hook. The safety lever. The head attachment spoke. Whatever it’s called.

This is such good news it can’t wait until April’s spiral round-up and MUST be given the publicity it deserves. Especially as Chris wrote lots of words, making this look like an update we spent 20 minutes on rather than five.

You might need to turn the contrast on your screen up a bit.

“I was cleaning my glasses the other night and, even though I’ve worn them for about five months, noticed for the first time that they have little Dreamcast logos on them. This instantly makes my glasses Cool As Fuck(TM) and means I can see in Segavision.”

“I’ve taken a photo of them on top of a dictionary. It’s not my dictionary but at least it proves I have at least one friend who knows how to spell words. It also gives a fantastic sense of scale: in this case, proving that these Dreamglasses are roughly the same size as a ‘normal’ pair of human glasses.”

“I shouldn’t be sharing this secret because I want the power all to myself, but the glasses were made by i-spax, who are German, and the product code, handily written on the glasses themselves, is JACOB-52/17-col.7 so if anyone wants a pair they should thrust that information in their optician’s scab-encrusted face and demand he orders them before he gets raped in a way he couldn’t possibly have imagined when he rode to work that morning on his pathetically underpowered bicycle.”

“I have also attached an image of a Sonic toy that I got from a capsule machine at a service station, who is pictured thumbing that cunt from Little Big Planet up the arse. Cheers” – Chris.