TK Maxx is so old fashioned its internet presence doesn’t let you shop online. If you want one of these you’ll have to go into a branch. You’ll also have to have SHIT LIFESTYLE BRAND “Joystick Junkies” burning a hole into the back of your neck.

This is the fantasy. This is the reality.

“I was just in TK Maxx the other day (does it even have two Xs…?). I wanted a cheap Jacket to take to festivals, managed to get a nice jacket for fifteen quid. Anyway, whilst browsing, I saw a t-shirt on special clearance sale. It says ‘Supersonic’ on it, and “‘1991′. I’m not sure what they were thinking. Unless I am mistaken, the first appearance of Super Sonic in a game was in Sonic 2, which didn’t come out ’til 1992. It is also clearly not Super Sonic, since he’s blue.”

“It apparently originally sold for £30, but is now £9.99. Not sure how long it took to drop in price that much, but if it anything like Sonic games, it’s probably only a few weeks old.”

“‘Limited Edition’ it says. Somehow I don’t think so” – LewieP.

We used to hate them with PASSION, but now have a grudging admiration for them managing to get their t-shirts distributed via a nationwide chain, even if it is a sub-prime chain and the t-shirts are being heavily discounted.