Someone took these photos of Mega Drive Super Monaco Grand Prix. They feature our dear, beloved (NOT IN A GAY WAY) Flag Man. And if you’re waiting for a review of OutRun Online Arcade, stop waiting. It’s the same game as before only without the home mini games and in high-resolution. You don’t need us to tell you that.

BREAKS OUT THE CLICHED BUT SADLY APPLICABLE TEETH JOKE: “Super Monaco for Mega Drive, is it your favourite game? Well it god damn should be because I just found the SEGA Flag Man in it. Maybe you knew he was there all along? Maybe you have some sprite debugger thing that looks through the source code of old games for sprites made of red pixels that flap around like Heath Ledger on prescription meds? I dunno what goes on over there in England, but it’s certainly not brushing your teeth for the majority of your population so I thought I may as well send this to you.”

“I’ve taken pictures with a camera phone of my Cable Ready Teac TV to record the event for future generations. Perhaps in twenty or thrity years people will look back and say: ‘Australia never did get cable, so why did they buy a bucket load of cable ready TVs?'”

“Regardless, this sort of carry on is neither here nor there and certainly not a reflection of the wonderful work you are all doing here on the front line. Poach me a kipper old blighty, because the pics are in the attachment. Your Pal From AustraliaLand” – Brett Bear.