Found by a different man called “Ben” who says it was broadcast on the radio last night. He also says something about OutRun appearing at around the 70 minute mark which we shall laboriously cut & paste below.

The DJ intro goes on for ages before anything happens, and even then it sounds like the radio isn’t tuned in properly as the DJ seems to always play several records at the SAME TIME.

It is, literally, some men shouting over some tunes you might half recognise.

“It’s amazing. Well worth listening to for the full 2 hours. And in case you’re curious, the Outrun bit is around the 70 minute mark. It deviates somewhat from games afterwards, but it’s still brilliant” – Ben.

“You can get it as an MP3 if you download this program here. Just open this program, enter the website address I gave you earlier, and download.”