New Low of the Week(TM) achieved by Wednesday!

“I found this today at the local thrift store. I also found that lovely comic, which I was able to enjoy up until I found out that the lead writer is a legitimate furry, not just a presumed one. It makes me think of all of those times where a lady in a cartoon is wearing something that you know should be showing off massive cleavage, but Disney or Nelvana or whoever don’t want kids to get the wrong idea about anatomy. And then, suddenly, you have your first little erection in that brief flash where you find out that the Dark Queen in the Battletoads pilot does not actually have wafer tits. Innocent enough, until you realize it was probably done by a bored, lonely animator who made sure to save that cel and toss it on the jerk pile. Oh, and it’s a nice silky tie” – Kevin.