Photos (misc) supplied by readers (assorted) of a standard (acceptable).

From another “Dan”. Dan seems to a more popular reader name that Chris these days. Must be a new wave of youth readers we’ve had come in since upping the amount of swearing and colours on the main page.

From someone who wants to be known as “DACHAZ”. It’s of a church somewhere.

From a man who wants to be called “Dreddnaught”. It’s something of his wife/girlfriend’s.

From a “Bob”. It’s one of those devices that lets you count down how many days you have to go until you’re allowed to rest peacefully for all eternity. A calendar.

From another “Dan” amazingly enough. It’s a carpet somewhere in Budapest. This is such a great photo it was very nearly spun-off into a separate update complete with East European cleaning staff friction burn sex fan fiction.

Promotional tat currently in the possession of a “Steve”.

From a “Chris” who would appear to be planning his return to the dating scene and is investigating ways to get his hair back to its former glory.

From a “Richard” who sent an extremely long and detailed explanation and several other photos. Thanks for all that, and sorry.

And finally, a return to an alternate “Chris” who will be attempting to numb whatever parts of his body are still capable of feeling pain with this tonight. Well done, everyone. It’s nice to know we have at least NINE entire readers left.