Surely someone, somewhere, has manipulated the weak, arthritic grip of the machine well enough to win a SEGA Vision by now? Or are they chained up inside these idiot-catcher machines as a lure never to be won? The box could even be empty for all we know, as a clever homage to the SEGA of today.

“I was at Taybarns tonight (a semi-posh all you can eat buffet type place) when I spotted an actual SEGA Vision, all wrapped up and pretty, within one of those ‘Pile Up’ machines where you have to stack little blocks to win. I don’t even think you can even buy one anywhere (although there is one on eBay at the moment for £80) so naturally I scared the children next to me by jumping up and down, screaming ‘It’s SEGA VISION!’ and managed to ‘discreetly’ take a few photos.”

“I only had my camera phone, so apologies for the crappy quality. I’ll try and go back there some time and take better pictures.”

“I also saw a picture of Sonic outside a car license plate shop, I’ll promise to take a picture and send that next time” – Tru.