Oh yes, we are so down with the graffiti. Only last week we “tagged” the local bus stop by writing our initials on it in biro. We put the year down as being “1998” so it looks like the writing has been there for longer than it actually has.

We also got as far as scratching a “U” into the back of a train seat, before realising that’s not what granddad fought in the war for.

Neither is any of this.

“Found in an alley beside a pawn shop in Toronto.”

“The Sonic and Robotnik are pretty cool but I think the artist gave up near the end of the alley because I have no idea who the purple bird thing is.”

“Sorry about poor quality. I used my crappy cell phone camera. I was going to go back with my camera but it was an alley beside a pawnshop so I thought that would’ve been a bit much” – JC.

No idea. Probably one of the new ones out of whatever that DS RPG was called in the end.