Breaks your heart to see a grand old British development institution lowering itself to the level of sending strippers in branded t-shirts out to radio stations. Or they might be a new girl band. There’s only so much you can learn about modern popular culture by reading Popjustice once a month.

It’s definitely not the Sugababes at least. We know that much.

This is why all of today’s students want to become DJs, not video game programmers.

The poor programmers are still locked in their Portakabin doing 19-hour days to try and finish the thing while all this fun is happening. The best they can hope for is one of the free t-shirts nobody else wanted three months after the game’s out.

Much as we dislike this attempt at controlling the minds of weak consumers by attempting to associate a product with sex, we would still quite like to see the “out takes” from this shoot and might even buy the game to see if they’re featured pretending to be lesbians in the title sequence.

Cynical marketing ploy SUCCESS :(



Codemasters’ FUEL Burns Up XFM’s Breakfast Show With Surprise Appearance By The Raunchy Fuel Girls

Saturday 6th June/… To celebrate the launch today of FUEL for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Codemasters enrolled the services of the Fuel Girls to spread the word about the game that sets the new standard in open-world racing. The globe-trotting, fire-breathing, stunt-driving divas burnt up the airwaves this morning on XFM London 104.9’s Breakfast Show, providing one lucky listener with the chance of winning a PlayStation 3 and a copy of FUEL on Ian Camfield’s “Hard Rock” quiz.

Built on ground-breaking technology developed by Asobo Studio, FUEL’s huge world is one of atmospheric beauty and awe-inspiring size, fully open to race and explore. This unprecedented racing playground features dramatic weather effects, including tornados, blizzards, sandstorms and lightning, a full day / night cycle and enormous environmental diversity, from the snow-capped dormant volcano Mount Rainier to the arid Grand Canyon and everything in between.

FUEL’s free-roaming nature allows gamers to pick and choose their route, races and career progression while extensive multiplayer options allow up to 16 players to race against each other in pre-set events, explore the world in free ride or create their own challenges and share them online.

FUEL is set to become the ultimate racing sandbox when it launches Friday June 5th for the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft with a Games For Windows edition to follow. Prepare for a FUEL injection by downloading gameplay videos at