Literally 30. That’s way too many photographs of empty rooms full of neon tat for most web sites. Fortunately, we do not have the same standards as most web sites.

UKR was formed before internet quality standards were introduced on January 1st 1998, so they don’t apply here. So let’s go.

“Hi. Love your site. Went on a SEGA specific Japan honeymoon with my wife and sought out the great SEGA spots that we only get mere glimpses of on websites.”

“It was in November so there was a weird cross between Halloween and Xmas promotion going on.”

“One of our stops was the SEGA Joypolis in Yokohama… famous for having the SEGASONIC bowling alley and karaoke bar. Well, SEGA sold off that section, but as the pics can attest, remnants of SEGA remain.”

“Last was SEGA SONICTOWN. The most SONIC of all remaining arcades in the world. Not much attention on the net, so I thought these pics could show the world what it’s like. SEGA!” – Radguy.

Thanks for the photos “Radguy”.

One problem, though – you have supplied NOTHING LIKE ENOUGH text to accompany 30 photographs.

It’s going to be very, very hard for us to write something about the remaining 23.

There’s not even any people in half the photos, or any recognisable machinery.

What the hell is this? Some sort of immersive live-action Space Channel 5 simulator?


A bowling lane. Nice font.


How do you get to go on a SEGA honeymoon anyway?

Surely girls don’t really like SEGA as much as men? She’s just going along with it all through fear of getting old without having a baby, surely?

See what’s happened now? The submitter didn’t send in enough words to go with the pictures, so now we’ve reverted to type and are abusing his no-doubt-lovely lady wife. We are SCUM :(

Sorry, Radguy and Mrs Radguy, but it’s your own fault. You can’t go expecting us to be polite.

Photos of stuff that’s not for us.

Photos of stuff that’s not for us.

It’s sad to see that all Japanese arcades are equally as empty as UK arcades. At least they’re brighter and cleaner.


Embarrassingly empty.

So empty that we’re starting to suspect that “Radguy” is actually a millionaire celebrity, who paid the arcades tens of thousands of pounds to kick all the paying punters out for a few hours so he could have a good look around on his own without being bothered by dirty normal people with their burgers and their Pepsis.

Even the surrounding pavement is empty. People don’t even hang around outside or in the vicinity of arcades any more.

At least everything is clean thanks to being untouched by human hands.

It will help the administrators raise money for the creditors when the arcade owner inevitably goes bust and they have to sell everything on to the next sucker who thinks running an arcade is a good idea.

He will be going bust this autumn if business doesn’t significantly pick up during the summer months, by the look of things.

This one and another three photos to go.

Then we will be free of this burden!

Until tomorrow :(

If the last photo was a shot of the bride & groom smiling in front of this thing and looking like they’d just “done it” in the privacy of one of those photo printing machines, it could’ve been a good Last Update Ever. But we can’t go out like this. Most of the captions were padding.


Sites registered prior to 1997: Anything goes. The internet needs as much content as possible to ensure it “catches on”.

Sites registered from Jan 1st 1998: Please try to only post the, say, 10 best photos out of a batch of, say, 30 photos. This is to ensure the internet stops being flooded by crap and “catches on”.