It had the dullest conference, the weakest games and spent most of its E3 press event talking about things already out, previously announced or just rubbish. But! Nintendo has seized the LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY initiative and is therefore winning at E3.

Sadly, every photo of female humans we’ve uploaded recently has had the same tragic turn of events.

Photo of female goes up > comments left calling her a fat cunt who needs her ears raping > acquaintances of female complain > we buckle under pressure and start having to delete things.

Hopefully this cow lives far enough away that her friends won’t see this and therefore won’t complain.

We’d also like to apologise to Games Press for downloading all these assets at this critical time for internet servers. And to SEGA for forgetting to do anything about Virtua Tennis.

Let’s just apologise to everyone about everything. Here’s a separate page that contains the now-standard UKR apology. If you get offended or upset in future, simply load up this page.

That’s the Nyko Dog Case for the Wii Remote, as was rumoured by several industry insiders on their Twitter feeds.

Depressing. Too depressing to even be in the running as the Last UKR Update Ever. We couldn’t go out like this.