You now have to register a custom UKR user name in order to leave a comment calling people you don’t know child-eating cunts.

Then, when you call someone a child-eating cunt, you can be easily and painlessly deleted from history as if you never even existed and all the little children will come back to life. Look! They’re playing by the swings and are all happy! It was just a dream. You’d never consciously do something that bad after all.

It will therefore be nicer around here ‘going forward’. This is because more people read the internet nowadays and we have to be more careful. Blame Stephen Fry.


So that’s how it has to be from now on, thanks to the efforts of a small number of collaborators who were spreading evil propaganda on behalf of the enemy.


  • The site’s now “powered” by WordPress.
  • It took ages to do. Many combat hours were wasted on this pointless administrative task.
  • You can now bagsie your own UKR username FOR EVER.
  • So don’t rush into it. Think it through. You may well want to be called “Tails4Eva” now, but will you still want to be called “Tails4Eva” 15 years from now when you are married and a senior IT technician working for British Telecom?
  • You probably won’t. We regret being “Commander Zorg” and that’s nothing like as bad as “Tails4Eva”.
  • Have fun.
  • Business will, as ever, proceed until one of us dies.
  • The RSS thing is probably broken again.