Jonny was the only person to apply for the position of Official SEGA Europe Flickr Account Monitor, so he pretty much walked into the job. There wasn’t even an interview to speak of.

He said “Can I do it?” and we said “OK”. It’s like how that weird kid ended up posting stuff on here for a while last year.


Jonny says that “Let’s Catch allows you to throw balls and catch them”. This sort of thing is why we haven’t yet bothered unpacking any of our games consoles since the last time we moved house.

Jonny’s early enthusiasm for the task is to be recommended. However, we really don’t need to be notified of every single screenshot of a Wii game. Jonny also failed to include a link to the Flickr pages in question, leaving the tired webmaster to manually seek out the material for fact-checking purposes.

A good start, but Jonny needs to work harder to maintain this promising beginning. C+