Someone seemingly called “Anne” has decided to be the US SEGA Flickr account monitor. This is very handy, as we’ve been sobbing into administrator menus for the last week and don’t care what the updates are about.

There wasn’t an interview. She just sent it in.


“There’s a nice shot of spokesperson / random TV host Daisy Fuentes which shows a lot of cleavage here. Large size is here.”

“Apparently she has a new Wii Pilates game coming out. Wikipedia also states that her clothing lines use child labor which she pays 25 cents an hour. Presumably the Wii game developers got paid more, like 35 cents an hour.”

“Apparently SEGA also gave out these “finger bands” from Virtua Tennis 2009.”

“Perhaps these could be used to reduce the strain of a prolonged wanking session? That’s just a guess though because as a woman I of course have no penis to test it on.”

Anne correctly identified celebrity Daisy Fuentes as an ideal target for UKR update material, also singling out  the “large” format of the picture for easy access. But, with an original upload date of June 11, the ‘material’ isn’t particularly fresh. Going forward, Anne needs to work on her timings to ensure she’s not left behind by the quicker-reacting “aggregator” blogs that will have been all over this three weeks ago. B-