So, let’s go back in time. Back to the year… 2004!

Since Gran Turismo for PSP was first announced/lied about in 2004, lots of things have changed about the world. Microsoft managed to make a whole new console, Nintendo’s made about 20 different variations of consoles, and hundreds of other games have been announced, reviewed, released, discounted to £17.99 on and eventually traded in at CEX for less than a fiver.

In January of 2005, the world looked on in horror as George W. Bush was officially allowed to have the keys to the nuclear cupboard for another four years. Gran Turismo 4 didn’t come out on PSP, even though, in 2004, Sony appeared to have boxed copies ready for release.

2006 saw England knocked out of the World Cup to a Portugal side led by slimy model-impregnater Cristiano Ronaldo. Gran Turismo did not come out, even though Sony had the foresight to start manufacturing UMDs of it back in 2004.

[the broken image joke again]

2007 saw Gran Turismo not come out for PSP. This is a photo from the launch event.

2008 also passed without Gran Turismo coming out for PSP. The Beijing Olympics were great, though. Fabrics are getting thinner, flimsier and tighter every year, and Yelena Isinbayeva really knows how to grasp a pole.

2009 might see a Gran Turismo arrive on PSP, although this man looks extremely untrustworthy. He’s also spent three entire years trying to work out how to get car bumpers to bend, so we also must question his commitment to the cause.

That’s it. You might’ve expected a bit of a better-looking baby given the gestation period. Perhaps in 2004 this might’ve even been impressive. In fact, perhaps this is the game that was going to be released in 2004, was shelved, then brought back in a hurry to help try and resurrect PSP?


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