Codemasters, adrenaline still pumping through its veins from the thrilling photo opportunity with some strippers, has obviously decided that “photos of women” is the “way to go” from now on.

There must’ve been a meeting about it.

“Don’t worry, everyone will get a go at being near the women.”

“Mike? Did you want a go standing near the women?”

“Chris? Have you had a go at being near the women yet?”

“Who else wants to have a go at being near the women?”

“Come on, last chance. They have to go back to their proper boyfriends soon. They’ve been paid money to be here today, so they won’t slag you off or belittle you too much after.”

“Yes, it’s OK to put your arm around them.”

“Just try not to roughly grab their arms. They don’t like that.”

“Last call. Anyone else want to be near a woman and get a free Polaroid of the moment to take away?”

“Paul, don’t be shy. Come and have go at being near them. They won’t bite! Not unless you ask them to!!”

“No, seriously. They won’t bite. It’s fine. Come and have a go.”

“We’ll put the mask over your head so no one can see you blushing.”

Sorry if you are any of these people.

Very sorry.