There is nothing better than getting sent a blurry photo of a woman taken without her consent from a very large distance away, especially when the accompanying email contains the sentence “then I got embarrassed and I didn’t dare talk to her”.

Actually there is something better. The photo could’ve been taken on something other than a Sony Ericsson W610i. So many special moments have been ruined by its low-grade optics.

Sent in by “Marius” who wrote so much about it we’ve put it below in a separate block of text. The gist is he saw her and took a picture from the balcony rather than face the stress of a potential face-to-face situation. Triple-A , Marius. Triple-A.

“I live in Norway and work at a climbing center and something bizarre happened today. After my lunch when I entered the climbing hall I saw a chick dressed as Lara Croft being filmed and secured by a friend of mine who works there. Probably just some lame Norwegian TV show I thought and went on with my business.

“But then I looked closer and realised that It was Alison Carroll the official Lara Croft model. Holy shit I thought and went to get my camera phone. I was going to take a picture of her up close but she started doing acrobatics on the floor right there in the hall. Jumping around and acting like an idiot, then I got embarrassed and I didn’t dare talk to her. Instead I went up on the balcony and took pretty crappy snapshot of her from there.

“She has left now along with her crew. I have no idea why they were here in Norway to film her climb and do an embarrassing acrobatic act in and climbing hall. Hope this is newsworthy for you, wish I had gotten some better photos. Love the site, peace!” – Marius.