Anne, our Official SEGA US Flickr Account Monitor, has supplied links to photographs of cosplayers and her own analysis of the quality of the costumes. This makes it look like we are endorsing and/or encouraging cosplay – however that is DEFINITELY NOT the case.

Someone, somewhere on the internet recently, made a joke about the Bayonetta woman, saying “So this is what Sarah Palin’s up to these days”. Well done, whoever that was.


[From here] “Loses accuracy points for not weaving the costume out of her own hair. Wins respect points because she must be losing twenty pounds of sweat from wearing that vinyl costume in the California heat.”


[From here] “Same chick with more guns, and less dorky males.”


[From here] “Good lord, the woman didn’t even try did she? Lazy, crappy cosplay, barely worth fapping over. Go masturbate to the Bayonetta woman again instead” [ANNE IS JEALOUS!].


[From here] “Don’t know what the hell she is, or why she is pointing at a flacid phallic object. Costume needs a lot of work, looks like a deformed Chocobo. Phallic object needs fluffing.”


[From here] “Not costumes per se, but they are busty with cleavage showing. All three did well coordinating the glasses with each other.”


[From here] “Costume’s not bad, hat needs work. Lanyard is too thick and covers any cleavage that might be present.”


[From here] “Cute kid, good costume. Both must be hot as hell in those outfits.”