Did we ever use these pictures? Seems like the sort of thing we would’ve been all over with the enthusiasm of a rottweiler in a pork pie factory, but there’s no trace of them in the archives. We have a zipped folder of 22 of these beauties just sitting here.

Here’s a photo of a 24-year-old marketing account manager wondering why Sony & Disney both think she wants to play “Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show”.


Hopefully, at this very moment, a fresh bunch of attractive German full-body models are converging upon a recently renovated rented loft apartment at the request of Sony Computer Entertainment to pose for a batch of PSP Go “lifestyle” shots.


Don’t get too excited. More than half the photos in the newly-discovered folder are of men clenching their fists and doing a “COME ON! I bloody LOVE this extension of the PlayStation brand!” face, which is why the zip file has spent the last two years languishing in a folder.