It’s the glory days of the 1993 European Grand Prix all over again.


“Here is the update of the year you’ve been longing for. I’ll link to it, but I fear it won’t be there for long. The article itself doesn’t feature the photo – [YES, IT HAS SINCE DISAPPEARED]. Therefore, I took a picture of it using the ‘PrtSc’ key, which doesn’t seem to print the screen at all, rather uses an advanced internal camera to, in effect, ‘capture the screen’. See the attached png [WE CONVERTED IT TO A JPEG AS WE ARE ‘AGAINST’ MOST FORMS OF PNG] for your lossless yet nicely compressed looking at pleasure.


“I also ‘blew it up’ and did some filtering and sharpening to make it larger, giving you two pictures of increasing size for the price of one rubbish update. I have nothing further to say as I should have been asleep half an hour ago. Yours sincerely, Police Constable London (not a real police officer)” – Police Constable London.