Cash-rich mega-publisher Activision has decided that youths and grown-ups being near its equipment is a good idea. In the case of Tony Hawk Ride, it is certainly a better idea than the actual product.


Let’s all just agree that the Tony Hawk series – and video games in general – peaked at around the period Tony Hawk 3 came out.


“I paid HOW MUCH for this SHIT?”


Since then, it’s been downhill all the way.


Having a bit of plastic does not make the game more fun.


It may make the game a better Christmas present for a friend or relative due to coming in a bigger and therefore more exciting box, but it does nothing for the experience.


This must be the other corner of the room that family is in. You’d think the family would be a bit too old to be living in a flatshare with some teenagers.


Hopefully Activision is preparing some LIFESTYLE photography to go with DJ Hero.