Kotaku is encroaching on our turf, bothering to take photos of the toilet signs in a Japanese arcade. Brian didn’t take any pictures from within the toilets, though. He is not that far gone yet. Photos found (ie, seen on Kotaku) by “Eggobots”.


That’s Sonic. We don’t want to think about Sonic having a wee, and certainly wouldn’t want to be in the cubicle next to him when he does a poo. At least he’d be done quickly, so we could relax.


That’s Amy. We would like to think about Amy having a wee. Not sure if we’d like to think about Amy having a poo, though. We’ll try thinking about Amy having a poo later and see how it goes.

Suppose it depends what she’s been eating. Maybe if you factor in a nice, healthy meal beforehand as part of the story arc, then she can do nice little vegetarian poos like a rabbit. And if they were round, they’d collect in your belly button and wouldn’t make a mess on the sheets.