There’s another one of those fan events going on, the sort of gathering we pretend to be cool to attend, but actually don’t go to because of a fear of ENTHUSIASTIC PEOPLE and the OUTSIDE WORLD. Oh, and also because games are all shit now. There’s a new Summer of Sonic on like there was before, featuring the signature of Richard Jacques assistant TJ Davis.

There’s a web site about it all, but it doesn’t seem to be loading at the moment. But there’s the link to it. Apparently that’s the polite thing to do on the internet these days.


“Spotted this at the Summer of Sonic convention thingy. Take a peek at the comment beside the Richard Jacques program. I’m sure you’ll probably have about a few dozen photos of this whisking your way for the next few days if you haven’t seen it a few times already, most likely using better cameras too, but oh well” – Gagaman.