Sorry everyone, but this is one of those weeks (AKA months, AKA years) where we can’t be bothered to do anything other than upload the first photograph of something about/like SEGA in the inbox.

Hopefully at least some of you might enjoy looking at some girls’ shoes.


“Fairly ashamed, so will make it brief. Dragged to town. Standing awkwardly in ‘Next’ trying not to engage with the burger-munching-Jeremy-Kyle-set-public when I noticed this familiar little fellow. Yes, the photo is bad but a) It’s a phone. What do you expect ? An HTC something-or-other. And b) You try taking photos in the kids department of a crowded shop. People have been killed for less. And no, I don’t know why the whole scene has a pink ‘n’ fuzzy look to it. Maybe it’s the happy gas they pump into these places?” – Morgan.