We ignored the recent Dubai shopping centre SEGA theme park news on account of there not being any accompanying imagery. Fortunately, SEGA has now prodived some on its world-consuming Flickr presence.

Flickr Account Monitor “Anne” provided all the links and captions. We did the really hard bit in uploading all the pictures. If anyone’s a hero today, it’s the man who uploaded 11 images and pasted 11 bits of text below the right ones.

It is good (AKA heart-breakingly sad) to see that the arcades of Dubai are just as empty as the arcades of the UK. Although the Dubai one has the excuse of not being open yet.


[1] “Sega has apparently decided to open a new country in the Mall of Dubai.”


[2] “They seem to have set up public works programs building futuristic halfpipes in order to jumpstart their economy.”


[3] “The almighty visage of Sonic watches over the workers and inspires them to greater heights of glory.”


[4] “Not sure what Spingear is. National sport? Game show? Way of torturing PS3 owners (i.e. political prisoners)?”


[5] “The Sega Republic seems to sparsely populated. Perhaps the population will rise as word gets out that they offer billiards?”


[6] “Children of the Republic can acquire all sorts of Sonic plushes. Though none of Cream the Rabbit. :(“


[7] “Magic thought-projecting bubbles (separated by gender) help to keep the citizens thinking in the proper Sega frame of mind.”


[8] “The great leader lets the citizens know they’re doing A-ok!”


[9] “The Sega Republic’s military is trained on state of the art simulators.”


[10] “Immigration kiosks stand at the entrance to the country. Becoming a citizen is easy, and mainly involves swearing never to buy a PS3, and to laugh at Ken Kutaragi whenever possible.”


[11] “The card that identifies one as citizen of the Sega Republic. It provides a mild electric shock to the citizen whenever they think about buying a Sony product.”