We say funny… it was more like ever-so-slightly interesting to a very small group of people for as long as it takes said people involved to scroll down, sigh, then click on something else while they EMOTIONLESSLY eat their PATHETIC SANDWICHES today.


“The other day I was driving down the motorway when I passed a lorry that seemed to have SEGA written on it, only in a strange and new font. I thought it might be some strange and new SEGA division, perhaps shipping some strange and new console somewhere – or some such bullshit.”


“Anyway, I then thought of UKR, naturally, and how ‘events’ such as these appeal. Grabbing my bewildering HTC portable telephone system I scrolled to camera mode. However, I had at this point overtaken the lorry, so had to pull in front of it, slow down, let it overtake me, then overtake it again while wildly taking shots at about 80mph. I suspect that I may have committed a serious driving offence whilst performing this stunt but rest assured I feel no more shameful, dirty and wicked than I do anyway” – Max.