We have declared a new ENEMY!

Train2Game, a trading name of Metropolitan International Schools Ltd, is not happy about this and this in which the usefulness and sales practices of its get-a-job-in-games courses were questioned by several UKR readers. It has complained to YouTube and had the videos pulled, now it has sent us a legal letter demanding our updates are taken down. No one said PLEASE.

Had it asked nicely we perhaps may have complied. We are sometimes capable of basic human kindness.


Sadly, we now have to inform Train2Game that because it did not say please a state of ENEMIES now exists between UK Resistance, Train2Game and all associated subsidiaries of Metropolitan International Schools Ltd. This is very exciting.


We can only hope that news of this legal threat doesn’t cause more damage to Train2Game’s battered reputation. Kindly old Bruce has already outed them, twice in fact, pointing out that they tried to sue Google (!), plus the Advertising Standards Agency has upheld complaints about the parent company’s practices before.


You know a company is a bit odd when it tries to shut down Google. Would you want to give money to an operation that tries to hide opinions of its customers from the public? We can only hope this page doesn’t go on to feature highly in Google’s search rankings when people research Train2Game in future!


Even posts on Train2Games’ official forum question the course’s usefulness, the bizarre £5k-upfront loan scheme it offers, the ownership of the operation and the difficulty of cancelling a course. And those are the officially sanctioned posts – imagine what the ones they delete must be like.

Tony, the reason everyone on the internet thinks T2G is a “scam” is because you try to censor search engine results and force sites and forums to delete valid debates. It’s pretty simple.


Train2Game is clearly unaware of the SCARS WE BEAR. We would rather crash our ship into their ship wiping both of us out than surrender as directed. The self-destruct procedure has been initiated. Riker is being very brave about it, although Deanna looks like she might be about to start crying.

If the MD of Train2Game sends us a polite email asking nicely for the updates to be taken down along with a photo of him doing a “thumbs up” in front of a screen showing UK Resistance to put in their place, we will be happy to comply and remove the pages.

Sorry this is such a boring company to declare enemies on, but they did start it.

READY-UP: “In the welcome pack all the lessons exactly copied word for word, picture for picture from the tutorials on the GameMaker website, and as you all know GameMaker is freeware and completely independent.”

NEWRETRO: “I honestly see this is as straight forward miss-selling of the qualification considering it’s not even a degree equivalent and is a new course”

HEXUS: “…in the meantime, i’d like to reiterate our request for everyone’s co-operation and that – until further notice – please will all HEXUS.community members refrain from creating any more threads or making any posts regarding ‘Train2Game’, Metropolitan International Schools Limited or any other of its trading styles such as ‘SkillsTrain’.”

ANGRY MAN: “The online tutors do not reply to your queries and I even attempted to cancel the course payments within the time that was allowed. But they tried to convince me to write a letter and waste more time! I have emailed them repeatedly and to no surprise they still have ignored me.”

CHAOS ENGINE: “I am being threatened with libel again! This time by the people behind Train2Game.”





Please let us know. We’ll compile a Word document and put it in with the black box flight data recorder to be recovered after the detonation.