A man wants to know if this is the worst-condition SEGA sign we’ve ever seen. It probably is, although the broken Japanese neon one runs it close. If Deith has survived the recession AND the plummeting popularity of amusement arcades, it might want to spend a bit on jazzing up its front-of-house.

Here’s a story of a man’s brush with Wembley, and an anecdote about the past from us.


“What up UK:R, or something like that. I was walking through a trading estate near Wembley on my way to a meeting. I saw this sign like a beacon burning bright in the sky. I took a photo to preserve it for posterity. Surely I win a prize for worst condition official SEGA sign?” – Dan.


We have a story about Deith Leisure! Ages ago, in the mid-to-late 1990s, Deith used to hold open days at its office where you could play all the games it distributed for free. This included SEGA games. We would go, drink beer, and play Scud Race for ages and ages and ages for free. THAT was the dream.