Sorry. Still no “Blue Sky in Games” t-shirts as the moment’s kind of passed and it’d just be embarrassing bringing them “to market” after all this time.

Instead…¬†BUSINESSMEN. Sorry. Again.


These aren’t really meant for you. But we do need to sell 40 of them to break even, so they’re getting spammed across the whole [makes hands into fists] “network”. We got 100 made. It was a big infrastructure investment.


If they don’t sell from this, we’ll set up a stall selling them at the next farmer’s market (LOCAL JOKE).


They’re ¬£8.99 each plus a bit extra for the envelope and stamp. You know how that works. That’s less than you spend on childrens’ toys in a week.


We have put on date jokes. The first few months are good, then it kind of tales off as you have hopefully come to expect.


They’re being sold through PayPal, so scroll down if you want one or, preferably, all 100 so we can sleep easily tonight without checking for email sales confirmations through the night.


These are PROPER NOT JOKE items, printed on A4 glossy photo paper by these people. Their testimonials page will convince you of the quality.


– They have been made and it would be a shame to see them binned in 18 months.

– As an ironic gift for your ironic tosser friend who wears ironic t-shirts that, ironically, aren’t really even that ironic.

– As a gay thing.

– To waste everyone’s time.

– It’ll be nice getting something in the post.



They have now, amazingly and unbelievably, all sold out. And sorry to the person who got the one we scribbled all over. It got mixed up with the proper ones.