Found these. Do not know if they are new or old. They must be quite new, as cameras have only recently been able to take photos this big. Can’t remember her name any more, either.


OK. Can remember her name again. Alison Carroll. Well done whoever cleverly renamed the image files “Alison_Carroll-UHQ_Pictures_001.jpg” and so on, so future generations of Google Image Search-ers know what she was called and who to look for more of.


Carroll with two Rs.


Just to warn you – this photoshoot includes a great costume change. She will soon be wearing less. They are about to wander off message.


Do not know who the original copyright holder is or where they came from.


Do not care. They’re here now. That’s what matters.


They might not be new, but they’re about to become used.


Is this costume part of the Tomb Raider “canon”?


She’s a representative of a video game character. This is allowed. This is fine. This is just what we all do.