29-year-old Michael Higgins staged a fake public hanging of his favourite old video game toys over the weekend, in a ritual designed to stop himself being such a loser and to “move on”.

Michael hopes the move might also lead to him being able to get a girlfriend. He just needs to get a new duvet cover now.


“Thought I’d send you this pic for when you don’t have anything more interesting to post. It’s of a stall in Blackpool opposite the Ghost Train. The picture is of Tails, Yoshi, Sonic and Mario giant cuddly toys, which I assume are some prize for hooking a duck, or some other game of skill and cunning. If you look carefully you can see the huge spider webs on Tails and Yoshi perhaps indicating the amount of time they’ve been hanging there. I’ve uploaded the unaltered, full resolution image onto allyoucanupload incase your crappy hotmail account falls over and dies from the massive 2.5Mb file” – Phil.