Looks like we’re back in poo-based fan fiction territory.


“Hi, thought you might like some snaps of this year’s visit to Tokyo. It would make a perfect half-hearted update.”


“One day we found this Joypolis in Odaiba.”


“As you may see, the SEGA brand is no longer the draw it once was. The place was nearly empty, apart from a few Japanese who looked lost and confused.”


“Inside was not much better, only saved by some kids who were bunking off school to play the latest Rambo game.”


“There was a general lack of SEGA-ness to the whole affair, to be honest. Apart from Sonic selling-out by endorsing Hello Kitty UFO catchers.”


“All was not lost however, as we spent a good hour trying to find all the secret pods where you would get stamps of all your favourite Sonic characters (and Shadow). I’m 25 years old by the way.” – Matthew.